Julia Timewell was born a Rhodesian though she grew up in South Africa, surrounded by a family of successful artists. From and early age her passion was for dance and at 14 attended the School for Art Ballet and Music in Johannesburg.
By the age of 15, Julia had already started her modelling career. At 20 she was "discovered" by one of the world’s most important fashion agents in London. He quickly launched her and she became a top successful international fashion model. For a time, she was also a member of the UK dance group "Hot Gossip".
Until becoming a mother in her mid-thirties, she travelled the world as a top photographic, commercial and catwalk model.
Over the last thirty~one years Julia has channelled her artistic talents into painting. She was strongly influenced by always being surrounded by working artists. Being an avid fan of her great-aunt who taught art for many years and with whom she lived for a time, Julia watched and absorbed all she could. She has studied art at South Thames College, Hammersmith (old Masters technique) and Putney Schools of Art.

Much of her work is inspired by her passion for the wilderness and beauty of Africa.
She sees the converge of the natural world, movement, mood, elegance and individuality of all living things and their relationship to each other and surroundings. 
On her first visit to Kenya, Julia was captivated by the Masai who live in harmony with nature and have an extraordinary natural grace and elegance. ' Whether the Masai singular or in a group, stand,  sit, run, walk or famously jump' it always looks beautifully choreographed.  Never seen anything quite like it', she says.  
Julia aims to capture the grace, drama, vibrancy and theatre of life by using light to create atmosphere, energy and temperature.  Working mainly in acrylics or oils building up colour with washes in many layers to create mood.
She has travelled the world extensively and has lived and worked in South Africa, the United States, Australia and England where she has exhibited her work and been awarded a number of commissions by large corporations and private collectors.


You can contact Julia by email modelartist@btinternet.com